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Marketing and Product Management Executive

As a seasoned marketing professional with 17+ years experience in software, medical device, retail, and digital health industries, I've delivered results for Accenture, Bard, Merit Medical Systems, Welltok, and Venafi and have successfully launching 13 products. I have a hands-on proficiency in formulating and executing all facets of the marketing plan to generate global market demand and am known for brilliantly executing marketing tactics. Get in touch today so we can take your business to the next level.



Proven Results



Planning & Thoughtful Execution

Business Team


Portfolio Management & Product Launch

Branding and Positioning


Stand Out from the Pack



Impactful. Strategic. Award Winning.

Over the course of my career I've had the opportunity to create a wide variety of marketing tools and collaterals including product guides, Telly Award winning promotional videos, brochures, data sheets, white papers, prospecting emails, blog posts, press releases, booth graphics, tradeshow symposia flyers, and of course, marketing plans, product business cases, product forecasts and margin analyses, and more...



QuadraSphere promotional video used on Merit Medical's website, my sales in pitch presentations, and tradeshow booths


HepaSphere Microspheres

Telly Award winning HepaSphere video with over 65k views on YouTube


Embosphere Microspheres

Embosphere Microspheres video with 125k views on YouTube



“Sandra is brilliant, driven, pursues excellence in everything she does. Sandra blends her intellect with a sense of style, a sense of humor, and a caring that is not often found in American business today. I could not give a stronger recommendation of her marketing knowledge, skills and abilities.”

VP of Marketing

"Sandra is savvy marketeer who has the ability to strategize at a very high level but at the same time is not afraid to get her hands dirty. This makes her a great contributor to any team as she leads by example and does not hesitate to help out her colleagues in any way that she can. She's definitely a tech-head and stays on top of everything digital in the marketing world."

Marketing Colleague

“Sandra and I worked closely together at Merit Medical for 2 years. We worked on a wide variety of marketing projects for her product line that included brochures, patient pamphlets, ads, and trade show booth graphics. I appreciated her professional conduct, organizational skills and the highly efficient manner in which she approached all of her projects. Sandra was not only well regarded within the marketing department, but throughout the company. She is a critical thinker and was an employee that regularly took initiative to make improvements in our department.”

Senior Graphic Designer

“Sandra is one of the most organized, hard-working individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. Her work ethic enables her to overcome any new challenge, regardless of her background or familiarity with it.

While working for Sandra, I was impressed with her ability to always deliver on what she promised. And the work was always on time and top notch. Sandra is the type of person that will be able to do and become whatever she desires.”

Direct Report

“Sandra is a coworker I very much respect and admire. She is very much on top of things and knows her stuff. She also has an amazing ability to organize her time and workload. 

Sandra is also a very smart woman. I collaborated a lot with her in creating a new artwork tracking system. She can see the big picture and understands process flow very well. She seeks ways to be most effective, knowing what works and what doesn't. Her input was a driving force in helping me make a successful system.

Sandra is reliable, trustworthy and a very strong asset to any team.”

Work Colleague

“Sandra is an exemplary product manager and marketing professional. She has a passion for customer satisfaction and works hard to make sure that new products exceed customers' expectations. On a project team, Sandra is the type of team member who makes a project manager's job easier. She can be counted on to complete her tasks without the need for reminders, despite working on multiple projects simultaneously. I have watched her do the work of three people and still deliver critical tasks on schedule. If I could hand-pick a team to deliver a critical project, Sandra would be on it every time.”

Lead Engineer



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