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The Wall of Ideas

Some of the Companies I've Impacted


Since 2000, I’ve offered my marketing skills to a diverse group of companies: developing customized strategies and innovative marketing plans that achieve significant results and drive success. Check out some of the wonderful companies I’ve worked with below, and contact me today to find out how I can help you with your marketing needs.

My Experience: Clients


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Keys and certificates are the least understood domain in cyber security. Take a second and learn what our customers have discovered…

There are 2 actors on a network, people and machines. People use user names and passwords to identify and get access to machines. Machines use keys and certificates to identify and get access each other. 

Billions of dollars have been spent protecting user names and passwords and almost nothing protecting keys and certificates— organizations are just now realizing that protecting keys and certificates is as important as protecting user names and passwords, if not more important. The problem is continuing to grow-- the number of machines and things on a network is growing very fast, much faster than the number of people.

In addition to identity, keys and certificates create secure tunnels between machines that keep their communications private and most organizations don’t know where the tunnels are in their organization. The bad guys know this and are using stolen or forged keys and certificates to attack networks and steal data. In fact, Gartner says 50% of network attacks will use certificates in 2017.

Venafi is the inventor of the technology that secures and protects keys and certificates and many of the largest organizations in the world use Venafi.

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Head of Product Marketing and Commercialization

Welltok, the health optimization pioneer, is revolutionizing the way population health managers align consumer actions and behaviors with the right incentives and rewards. In the role of product marketing and as part of the commercialization team, I collaborate with C-suite executives and key executives across the organization to determine how to develop assets that cohesively describe our products and services, message to our different lines of business, and make our fast-growing company more scalable and efficient as we continue to expand our client-base and core capabilities. 

I have delivered over 200 customer-facing deliverables spanning presentations, product brochures, data sheets, and detailed product/services feature lists. These deliverables create the basic building blocks for the organization, standardize package offerings, and empower the sales team to clearly articulate our capabilities to customers. In this role, reporting to the CMO, I routinely manage cross-organizational communication at the highest levels of the organization to ensure we present a cohesive story to the market and manage through change on a continuous basis.



Senior Global Product Manager

  • Managed strategic product roadmap and marketing tactics, growing sales 215% in 2 years with launch of QuadraSphere and HepaSphere 30-60µm embolics in U.S. and Europe. 

  • Selected by CEO to lead 25-person global cross-functional project team tasked with assessing and updating product labels to mitigate $5M risk.

  • Awarded 2012 Telly Award for HepaSphere Microspheres promotional video.

  • Generated 20% sales lift through highly targeted SalesForce lead generation campaign.

  • Organized 3 annual standing-room only events at tradeshow symposia by building customer awareness through Google AdWords, blogging, sales engagement, and email campaigns.



Product Manager II

  • Refreshed $40M product line with launch of 10 products in 3 years, including the Power-Trialysis Catheter, now the #1 selling acute dialysis catheter in the U.S.

  • Wrote over 12 business cases using 10+ market research surveys annually; 70% of concepts received “go” decision.

  • Rallied 150-person sales force with new sales tools, educational sales presentations, and internal email campaigns to keep product top of mind and content current.

  • Led 20-person cross-functional team to integrate $15M competitive brand due to acquisition.



Brand Manager - MBA Intern

  • Created and presented product strategy and opportunity assessment for new Del Monte condiment ($8-20M) to senior management; used as basis for prototype development.

  • Managed and executed national $100K on-pack coupon promotion in support of label change for Contadina brand to increase velocity at shelf.



Experienced Consultant

  • Co-architected $10M web portal to support Walt Disney’s 110,000 employees. Creative Java and JSP-based architecture design adopted by software vendor in next release of software.

  • Coded and managed 8-person team to deliver $4M portion of a major web software project on time and on budget.

  • Provided expertise in requirements gathering, portal architecture, troubleshooting, testing documentation, and version release management for Fortune 50 clients.

  • Directed roll out of $100 million Ariba eProcurement solution for ChevronTexaco procurement organization of 50,000 employees across 180 countries. 

  • Led graphical user interface design for an Accenture product line. Used intentions based design paradigms to minimize clicks per task.

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